Maintaining critical connectivity during the COVID-19 crisis

critical communications infrastructure

The world is facing a situation unprecedented in modern times. While healthcare workers, first responders and political leaders are bearing the brunt of this developing health crisis, our industry is proving how important critical network infrastructure is to our daily lives. Our industry enables people to work, learn and connect while maintaining safe distances necessary to minimize the spread of this novel disease.

We have heard from a number of customers that the current spike in telecommuting is placing huge demand on the network. Please be assured that Fujitsu is simultaneously taking measures to help our customers build and maintain critical communications infrastructure, while ensuring the safety of our employees and partners. The following measures are in place to help us meet this challenge together:

  • Creation of a Rapid Response Team to address customer emergencies and simplify the process of resolving critical network infrastructure issues.
  • During this extraordinary time, we have aligned our entire organization to ensure that our customers have access to the resources and equipment required to meet the increasing demand for network capacity. We are also taking steps to increase supply of equipment in anticipation of unexpected demand resulting from increased usage and capacity needs.
  • To safeguard our continued ability to provide support services to our customers, all Fujitsu locations have implemented Business Continuity Planning measures. These processes enable extended use of telecommuting to help guarantee continuity of Fujitsu operations.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Fujitsu. We wish you, your families and your communities strength and perseverance during this uniquely challenging time. And don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Doug Moore, President & CEO
Fujitsu Network Communications

About Doug Moore

President and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Moore is President, CEO, and member of the board of directors of Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., where he is responsible for the overall strategic leadership and general management of the company’s optical, wireless, software and services business operations.

During his career, Doug has held a variety of positions at Fujitsu including SVP Sales, Services and Marketing, as well as leadership positions in development, manufacturing and engineering. Prior to Fujitsu, he worked in development, quality assurance and sales at AT&T Network Systems (formerly Western Electric).

Doug is a passionate supporter of and believer in STEM education and the growth of the digital economy.